Welcome to National Housing Development & Urban Renewal Company Limited.

Our company provides a range of homes under its housing options. Some of the areas where these homes are constructed are Paynter’s, Denefields, and Dredge Bay.

Process on how to register:

    Persons who are interested in registering under the National Housing Development Program are:

  1. Required to visit a financial institution of your choice to obtain approval for the house of your choice.

  2. After being approved by the bank you will be given a letter that needs to be brought to National Housing Development.

  3. Once National Housing Development receives the approval letter, you will be required to complete an application form.

  4. Once the form is completed your information will be carefully reviewed and entered into our database.

National Housing Development wants everyone to be able to own a piece of this beautiful paradise. For persons who would have gotten approval, but might not have the required finance for the deposit, we can arrange a meeting for you to meet with Mr. Warner at State Insurance Corporation. He will able to assist you with a mortgage indemnity once your financial institution accepts it.

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