Client Checklist - Build On Own Land-Using Proto Designs

Any individual who desires to have the National Housing Development & Urban Renewal Company construct one of our standard homes on their own land will need to provide the following:
  • Job Letter

  • Letter stating the size of house you would like to construct

  • Proof of ownership (copy of deed and land register)

  • Copy of Survey Diagram & Cadastral Map (available at Survey Department)

  • Pre-approval letter from lending institution (if available)

  • Copy of the Valuation / Engineer’s report (if available)

  • Percolation test results

Upon receipt of all of the above stated documents, you will receive an offer letter stating the estimated construction cost of the house. This letter is to be shared with your loan’s officer or your lending institution. Once bank approval is granted you are required to provide us with:
  • EC $300.00 printing fee for three (3) sets of architectural drawings.

The following forms are to be completed:
  • DCA Building Permit Application form in triplicate. (National Housing to fill in relevant information)

  • APUA Water application forms. (Client to fill in personal information)

  • APUA Electrical application forms. (Client to fill in personal information)

The prospective home-owner should do the following:
  • Pay the DCA approval fee at the Government’s Treasury when building permission is granted.

  • Have a qualified electrician establish a temporary electrical service on site.

  • Submit the DCA approved APUA application forms.

  • Pay the installation fees when required.

Please note the following:
  • DCA Application fee of $35 MUST be paid to the Government Treasury before approval is sought.

  • DCA Approval fee of $0.50 per sq.ft. MUST be paid to the Government Treasury once approval is granted (for e.g. $200 for 1000 sq.ft. / $625 for 1250 sq.ft. / $750 for 1500 sq.ft. etc)

  • APUA Utilities (Electricity & Water) MUST be installed on site before construction activities commences.

  • Settlement of all bills accrued from usage of the utilities during construction is the sole responsibility of the home-owner.

  • All unique house plans presented to us will be accessed and priced based on both site and design complexity.

  • Absolutely, NO design alterations will be entertained to our standard designs once construction starts.

  • Once the Mobilisation (first payment) is received, a minimum of two (2) weeks is required before on-site construction begins.

NHD Prototypical Houses (Base Prices)
  • 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms -1000 sq. ft. / EC$225,000 **

  • 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms -1250 sq. ft. / EC$285,000 **

  • 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms (or 3 Large Bedrooms) -1500 sq. ft. / EC$340,000 **

** - Subject to further inspection

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